Here is the post where you provide the website address, or local address and phone number of known re-entry programs in your state (Oklahoma) You can also leave any comments, thoughts, or other information that you think would be helpful...

“The purpose of the web site is to provide links to reentry services for offenders and to offer an avenue for communication among partners. The web site will make it possible to locate statewide resources and identify their unique contributions to offender reentry. “

This is a direct link to the resources for offenders, families and friends.


  1. Robin Jones
    Office of Faith-based & Community Initatives
    P.O. Box 25352
    Oklahoma City, OK 73125
    Ph: 405-522-0606

  2. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I saw several, promising programs on this website.
    After reviewing, I will post them on the Oklahoma state post.