Here is the post where you provide the website address, or local address and phone number of known re-entry programs in your state (Arkansas). You can do this by using the comment box below the links. You can also leave any comments, thoughts, or other information that you think would be helpful...

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Behavioral Interventions Inc.

BI's Reentry program offers a cost-effective one-stop supervision and treatment center where parolees receive a continuum of high accountability and rehabilitative services to ensure their safe and successful reintegration back into the community. BI provides reentry programs in Aurora, Dever, Eagle, Frisco, Greeley, Lakewood, and Northglenn Colorado.

John C. Inmann Work & Family Center

The John C. Inmann Work & Family Center is a multi-agency program that provides holistic services to individuals who were formerly incarcerated who are returning to the Denver, Colorado metro area. The comprehensive services and programs provided by the Center include case management, job development, child support and family reunification, support services, and legal services. This is a comprehensive reentry program for both male and females.

New Horizons Ministries

All mothers or expectant mothers who are incarcerated may apply, as well as anyone seeking care for a homeless child. We are especially interested in working with persons who indicate a strong desire to overcome the negative, self-defeating patterns in their lives which led to their incarceration. Reentry program is located in CaƱon City, Colorado.

The Empowerment Program

Empowerment Program, Inc. provides supported services to women that have been disadvantage as the result of incarceration. Their goal is to decrease rates of recidivism by providing case management, support services, basic skills in education, and housing needs. They also work with women that are being released from jails or prisons.

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