Here is the post where you provide the website address, or local address and phone number of known re-entry programs in your state (Delaware). You can do this by using the comment box below the links. You can also leave any comments, thoughts, or other information that you think would be helpful...

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Key/Crest/Aftercare Substance Abuse Program

“The State of Delaware-Department of Correction’s internationally-acclaimed, 3-step substance abuse treatment program is proven to be successful in rehabilitating drug offenders. This treatment program is called: KEY, Crest, Aftercare. Treatment follows the offender from incarceration to work release and finally, to full-time status in the community."


  1. While this PDF article is outdated (2005), The Delaware KEY/CREST Program is one example of a re-entry program that the State of Delware is providing for women prisoners.

    I hope this article, along with the websites address will provide someone in Delware something to consider as an option. Here is the PDF article on Reentry Programs for Women Inmates.

    You can also contact: The Delaware Department of Corrections,

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