Here is the post where you provide the website address, or local address and phone number of known re-entry programs in your state (Alabama). You can do this by using the comment box below the links. You can also leave any comments, thoughts, or other information that you think would be helpful...

Note: If you find any broken links please contact me at:

Alabama Community Partnership for Recovery and Reentry

Prisoners connection for finding and offering services designed to assist ex-offenders successful transition back to our communities. This site provides information for all regions in Alabama.


Community Education Centers

(In-Prison Treatment Facility)

Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) is the largest provider of offender in-prison treatment services in America. CEC provides in-prison treatment services for over 10,000 offenders each day. Substance abuse therapies, anger management and related mental health treatment, job readiness and vocational development, site-specific release preparation and relapse prevention, life skills training, and diagnostic and risk assessment are all part of CEC’s integrated in-prison treatment approach to readying the offender for a socially productive life outside the walls.

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